Saturday Night Fever.

I wish. John Travolta is an under appreciated actor, that Scientology thing may have something to do with it. But you gotta love his character portrayals in Pulp Fiction, Phenomenon and Michael.

This, however, is really more about Saturday Afternoon Fervor. Not a movie but extra credit for my Earth Science class, where I need to improve my grade. In addition to washing my professor’s car on Wednesday mornings (who knew that could be extra credit?) we are also offered several opportunities to explore the Twin Cities area and the incredible lessons it offers.

“Dad! No way in hell am I going to put my head in that jaw for your stupid fucking Blog. Get a life, okay Boomer?”

This afternoon I brought my sidekick in adventure—at five and learning to ride her bike, she specialized in trick turns—my daughter Lucia to the Science Museum in St. Paul to help me look at fossils, learn and get some points. The extra credit required answering ten pages of questions, over 40 questions.

WARNING: Should this be your Uber driver, do not get into his mouth, regardless of how convincing he might be.

Some were pretty straight forward based on bone structure, jaw alignment and hip style. But other questions were odd. For instance:
• Compare Triceratops to Herrerasaurus teeth. Which one smoked Camels and which one ate camels?
• The Diplodocus had a lizard-hip rather than a bird-hip. Did their classmates make fun of them and call them a stupid baby?
• If you were dating an Allosaurus, describe a dream date.

That’s it. After two hours of looking at very old bones (and I’m not referring to staring in a mirror), I took my sidekick out for sushi.

A great day of learning, connecting and doing something for my Earth Science grade. Please let me know if you are free Wednesday mornings to help me wash my professor’s car. Thankfully, it is not a Prius.

Am I old? I remember that T Rex’s granddaughter.
Interestingly, her name was Beth.

More later, Yip, Yip.

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