Hello World.

The URL for this site can be deceiving.

Walking To Wellesley comes from my need to finish a hike across Scotland starting on May 13, 2016, from the west coast to the East coast, by May 28. That’s when I needed to be in Wellesley for my daughter’s graduation from college.

I made it. The photo above is me standing in Stonehaven.

I was a participant in The Great Outdoor Challenge, a hike celebrating its 40thyear in 2019.

I did the hike two more times and you can read about it in the TGOC page. Read a bit more on why I did it on the Why TGOC page.

Now I am on a different hike. One towards finishing a college education.

After 40+ years working in the business of making things up, I am heading back to college.

In the very early 70s I dropped out of the University of Minnesota after two years and started working in advertising (actually having started at BBDO when I was 16) as an art director and designer in Minneapolis, London, Istanbul, Tokyo and back to Minneapolis. After working for a couple local agencies I started my own agency with a couple partners and eventually sold it to a major agency in town. After a few years I bought part of it back.

Follow this hike and enjoy the march. There will be plenty of trail mix.