Practice makes perfect, in an imperfect world

I promise to get around to explaining Walking to Wellesley. But, i’ve been frightfully busy planning for it. like more work than you can expect since November. A big part of the planning at this stage is to ensure i have the right equipment and know how to use it. My trips into the wilderness, when not visiting the wilds of Hennepin Avenue, have typically been by canoe, which is like going into the wild in a station wagon. You can bring whatever you want. Spare clothing? No problem. Boombox? Ditto. Back packing however requires more care or it ends up being backkilling.

This last Saturday i headed north of Chipawa Falls, to a section of the 1,000 mile long Ice Age Hiking Trail in Wisconsin, that state to the east of us. It is really a remarkable trail—almost continuos—that wobbles its way through the state, much like the inhabitants.

I did 12 miles with a full pack that right now, is weighing in at around 20 lbs, minus cigars and whiskey. The plan was to camp out to test the new tent (and my resolve) but the weather that night was going to be 30º so i opted to return home and attend the Minneapolis & St. Paul Film Festival. There an old friend was premiering his movie on Robert Klein. the famed comedian. If you get a chance, please see it. It is hilarious.

My plan is to try and get away later this week and hike the Ice Age Trail closer to the Minnesota boarder and camp out. It is closer to home and if i need to hot tail it out of Wisconsin, i have a better chance of getting to civilization.


This is me on the trail, and a photo of what the trail looks like, which is spectacular. You got to hand it to Wisconsin, what they give up in petty politics, they make up for in beauty. Oh yeah, and cheese.


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