When you’re hot, hot, hot

Time for one last hike before leaving Sunday for the UK. And what a great Spring day it wa. Actually greater than I thought. I did a 10 mile hike in Lebanon Park, an oasis in the middle of the Twin Cities.

But the oddest thing. I would walk a mile or two, and find myself getting dizzy (which is different than Ditzy, a normal state). I was carrying a light pack, finished up where I started and then check my mileage and the temperature.

92º !!! (Oh, did I mention 10 miles?)

In May. Before Mother’s Day.

My t-shirt which started out black, ended up speckled white.

I ended up back at my starting point by a lake, with people sunbathing and kids playing in the lake.

In May. Before Mother’s Day.

I topped off the day with three bean chili. Freeze-dried. The opposite of the day.

Next stop, the world club at MSP and free peanuts.


1 thought on “When you’re hot, hot, hot”

  1. You’ll get real sick of my questions, I’m sure. . . how much of your trek involved eating freeze dried food vs. stopping in a pub or inn? I’m so intrigued and would love to do this, but SADLY, I have NEVER pitched a tent. I suppose that might hinder one’s ability to make this journey. Maybe after I read through all of this, we can get together and you can tell me more about it.


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