Ooh la la

Made my way to the Air France Executive Lounge. Truth be told, not a lot of exeutives here. Just me and a guy in a red t-shirt drinking a Perrier. So not really certain if he is an executive. But because of the water, I suspect he might be French. This is me surreptitiously taking his photo:

The lounge is not bad, a tad plebibum and the Chardonnay is domestic. Merde

A nice selection of sandwiches and I settled on the Italian. An Italian. In the country of ground zero in culinary arts. They offer an Itlaian. 

As much as I love Chinese food, I hope I don’t find any in Scotland.

Shiah ShiAH. Now it’s off to the Swiss lounge. Which is an oxymoron, I think that’s all the Swiss do is lounge.

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