Sleepless in Seattle? No, Shoeless in Scotland.

The great thing about The Great Outdoor Challenge (and please Go to the Why On Earth page to learn refresh yourself) is that while everyone is walking independently, there is a very social aspect to the hike. 

Shiel Bridge is one of the 13 sanctioned departure points and the most popular. Of the 300 TGOC participants, 55 are leaving from here. All have good advice. 

And all have looked at my shoes askance. But what can a guy do? TGOC waits for no man. Or no parcel delivery. Hopefully they show up tomorrow. If not I will have them forwarded to Fort Augustus, a three day hike away. Ironic if you think about it, my shoes are are lounging across Scotland while I’m doing all the work. Go figure.

Above, some of my traveling mates.  

Now just to prove I am indeed in Scotland, this is Maitlan, a Scotsman, traveling 13-15 days from the south of Scotland to the north. Camping out the whole way.

Shoes tomorrow. Hopefully.

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