Really? That’s it? I’m there?

(I can’t imagine anyone is out there still reading this, but I just realized this was never posted, my last day of hiking. But here it is.)

It’s hard to believe it has been 12 days. 180+ miles. Several rain storms. Snow. Cold numbing days and warm nights sitting with new best friends to solve the world’s problems. 

But so be it.

I walked into Stonehaven, not certain which direction to walk and asked a passerby which way to the sea. He looked at me limping, carrying a backpack and pointed me down this road with a smile. 

Ten minutes later, I was standing in the North Sea. 

It was I gotta say, pretty emotional. I had visualized this day for almost six months. And here it was. What I expected and different. Hard to put into words. But so worth it. 

The bus to Montorse and check in was a few blocks away, it turned out. 40 minutes later I was standing in Mission Control getting my certificate, pictured with Ali, one of the directors of TGOC.

It was done. All that was left was the dinner the next day. 

It was more than enough but somehow I thought in the back of my head, I might come out of this with a new perspective on life. A reboot. A passing Go and collecting $200. Lord knows I could use it. I have my share of life’s baggage. Business is less than it use to be. And I fear I am in need of new direction.

I imagine we all would like to think of ourselves as old souls. Several dozen times around the dharma cycle, picking up knowledge, wisdom and recipes along the way. I used to think that. But I know I am a new soul. Fresh off the factory line. In my most recent past life I must have been a salamander, a newt or a television game show host. I’m wet behind the ears and ready to buy that Brooklyn Bridge for the right price. And buy it I will. 

As long as I own the hiking right of way.  

13 thoughts on “Really? That’s it? I’m there?

  1. It’s half past three in the morning here in England. And it’s all your fault Thom!

    Thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful blog Sir. Many congratulations on finishing your first TGO Challenge. Will we be seeing you next year?

    All the best,
    Alan Sloman.


    1. i just showed your comment to my daughter and said it is like God reaching out and saying well done. it was a delight to meet you on the train. you have been an inspiration to me on the hike. i’m in for next year, and thinking about my route now. all the best. t

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  2. Nice one Thom.
    Massive achievement to complete your first TGOC.
    Especially after encountering Sloman & Lambert on the train.
    A miracle you survived the Journey Up 🙂
    Now, the next Challenge is resisting the temptation to come back and do it again.
    A Challenge that many of us have failed miserably on :-O
    Next year it’s going to be lovely and sunny all the way across.
    Honest 😉


  3. Nice one Thom, excellent stuff
    Massive achievement completing your 1st TGOC
    Especially as you encountered Messrs Sloman and Lambert on the way up.
    Lucky to survive the rail journey :-O
    Now, your next big challenge is to resist coming back to do it again.
    A challenge that many of us have failed miserably on time and time again 🙂


  4. I just loved reading your account, brilliant. Well done on your first Challenge – I can see you bring a certain style!
    I hope you come back to do another Challenge and that we can meet on the trail.

    Best wishes


  5. Good to meet you Thom, well done on a great achievement. Now you’ve tried it come back and do it again, you are now part of the challenge family and fellowship. Hope to see you next year.


  6. A splendid walk, I’m so pleased that you’re ‘infected’…. there’s no known cure y’know!

    When I completed my first Challenge in 2004, Roger asked me if I’d come back. I replied ‘try to keep me away!’. I’ve been back every year since (although due to other commitments I’ve not always been able to do a full Challenge) – and I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to return before long.

    Thanks for a very entertaining report….now it’s time to get the maps out to plan for TGOC2017.


  7. Hi Thom,

    Many thanks for your book! It looks terrific, and my son will enjoy this summer.

    Hope to see you again in Scotland next year. I’ll get you that 70 pence.

    All the best,



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