The worst Blogger

Well, I’ve made it to O’Hare and am lounging in the British Air club, waiting for my flight to Heathrow. 

I have to say I am so excited about this year’s trip, with one under my belt. But at the same time I find that last year I was so much more into sharing about it. 

I’m adding this to my WalkingToWellesley blog, when in fact, I’ve already done that. I made it to my daughter’s graduation, last May.

So maybe, we call this a victory lap, when in reality it is anything but. Last year’s hike of 190 miles in 12 days almost killed me. Well, not that but is was humbling.

So I’ve signed up again. 190+ miles in 13 days to Arbroath. Go figure. 

I shall try and keep you up to date on my miles, my attitude, my calorie intake and the characters I meet. I truthfully doubt I will imbue the excitement of last year, but try I shall. 

Now, back to the trip. Just had one of the best hand made, created on site tacos as I had here complements of BA.

It doesn’t look like much, but it was numville.

About to board British Air 296. More later. 

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