Getting closer to the starting gate.

Arrived safely in London with an overnight stay at the Sloane Club. I know I am in good hands with this lady protecting the lobby.

A practice hike down Sloane Street, through Soho, Covent Garden and Knightsbridge shows that all is as it should be. 

Traveling with family–who are professionally ranked Sloane Rangers–I have never been in so many shops looking at so much clothing, with so little interest in purchasing anything. I just nod and smile. Much like those little bauble head figures you see on dashboards.

Still, it was a 20 mile hike through the canyons of London, good practice for TGOC.

While walking Sloane Street I came across some of the best paella I’ve had in a long time. And at 6 pound for two, a bargain.

On the 11AM train to Swindon for a few nights stay with my dear friends, Nick & Belinda Boyd. They are kindly hosting a luncheon party for us. Hoping my old friend Lord Raglan shows up. More latter.

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