The Long And Winding Road.

Today was a lovely walk with the exception of constant rain. Every once and a while, it would let up to a light drizzle.

Pylons were set up for the next day along the high street.  

The town of Pitlochry was preparing for a huge bicycle rally tomorrow and cones and bikes were everywhere. 

I paid for my B&B and if you will permit me, I’d like to stand on a soapbox and complain. The couple who owned the B&B were very nice but seemed to think that the cost of credit card processing should be passed on to the holder of the card and not them. I look at it as a cost of doing business. The restaurant I ordered a pizza from the night before didn’t complain about the cost, they absorbed it. And so did every other place in Scotland I’ve used my card. Build the cost into your business model, but don’t make it my problem. Plus, and this is what really hurts, they were concerned about letting me eat Chinese food in their B&B dining room for fear of odors. How can anyone not like Chinese food? I ended up eating it on the sidewalk. Alright, that is my only complaint for the trip.

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