Back Roads.

Sunday, May 21, Blairgowrie & Rattray

Forgot to mention yesterday there was a wedding party going on in the hotel. It looked like a kilt convention. 

After checking in I had lunch then explored the village and found a pub around the corner where the wedding party had spilled into. 

Meet Paul, Frank Maxwell (wearing the Maxwell tartan) and Richie, wearing the colors of the isle of Skye (forget the clan). Great guys all, Paul was a roughneck in the North Sea, three weeks on, three weeks off. 

Up and breakfast at 08:30. Packed and on the road at 09:45. The town of DunkeldThe view from my room.

The day started out dull gray but dry. That wasn’t to be for long. The initial path, at the beginning of the day was lovely but straight up.Great vistas.

Really not much to report except these guys were for some reason fascinated by my approach:

The road continued with more great views.

Almost to town when I saw this sign:That is what I look like hiking down the road but I don’t know the purpose of the sign. I think it might be an early warning system for young people. A metaphor. WARNING: AROUND THE NEXT CORNER THIS WILL BE YOU. Something like that. 

Finally came up to one of my favorite things, a sign indicating I have arrived.

It’s a very cool little town on the River Ericht. 
Ran into TGOCr Phillip, whom I first met at Rannoch Station. We talked in the hotel pub then, for me it was up to catch up on this and chill.

I did manage to find Chinese take-out and yes, ate my share. Not a big day, not a bad day. Just one day closer to completion. Three days to go.

17km.  235m

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