Forfar? For sure! But First, I Gotta Stop By Letham.

Tuesday, May 23, Forfar

Up at 08:00, minimal breakfast at the hotel and on the road by 09:40.

Walking out of town I came across this sculpture:It’s for Bon Scott (1946-1980), lead singer in AC/DC. Apparently, Peter Pan was not the only boy from Kirriemuir who refused to grow up. 

It was fitting that today being my second to the last day of hiking and the last with any chance of being wild, was a smorgasbord of hiking experiences. 

The first bit was hiking along a medium busy “A” road out of town until I could cut into the countryside. I went from minor roads to farm roads. 

To pathsTo fans bahing hello (or could that be, “Bugger off, bitch.”)Down these narrow, narrow dents in the countryside.
Then to a bit of a bog (loved it) and shoulder wide paths through the countryside. I hiked through farm fields, lost the path and had to scramble.My actual hike for the day was to Letham, but there was no lodging available so I hiked there and then doubled back to Forfar. Far? Not really.

Made it to The Queens Hotel around 16:00. Another great place in the middle of nowhere. 

One more day to go. I’m ready for it to be over but delighted for today’s varied hikes. 

And finally, two cool cats died today:Roger Moore, who played a pretty cool James Bond.


Nickerson, sunning himself yesterday. He played a pretty cool friend. 

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