Arbroath. Last Stop.

I made it. 

Up at 07:00, minimal breakfast and on the road at 08:00 

Hiked for an hour, than took a bus to get to my starting point. Then on the road:The road was pleasant and the weather warm. 

Finally arrived in Arbroath around noon:My feet in the ocean

Along the way, whenever I mentioned I was going to end up in Arbroath, I was always told to have a Smokie. A Smokie is a smoked haddock. My first Smokie. And it was all it was hyped up to be. It was outstanding. Warm, Smokie and delicious. 

Here is the shop next door that made it:

After lunch, I boarded a bus to Montrose and signed in:

That’s it. More later. Brain dead. Exhausted. But happy. 

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