Two Weeks Away. Time To Start Packing.

Truth be told, I’ve been packed for a year. The great thing about doing this for the third time is that the only thing i really need to buy is Kleenex.

My tent is good to go. My sleeping bag is good to go (okay, i did buy a new one, it weighs thirteen ounces less than my old one and that is a big difference. Plus it’s very pretty and you need pretty in the highlands). And the rest of my kip is good to go.

I only wish i could say the same about me. I finally did a hike today (yes, two weeks away is TGOC-Day, i know, i know). I did eight miles with a half-pack, hiking along trails covered in snow, mud and goose shit. Here in Gotham on the Prairie, Spring is a month late.

To be fair, i have been religiously doing CorePower yoga every day for a couple months to create some sort in-shape-ness and have also attempted to go to more restaurants with buffet lines for dinner rather than have a server serve me. It does cause me to eat more than five times what i would normally eat, but i think the slow shuffle through the line works a lot of it off. And i am a fan of the three times fried suet salad with butter balls. I do believe if buffet line restaurants would promote themselves as a workout facility, they could seriously increase their revenue. And i think funeral homes would like it as well.

That’s it for now. In case you are at all interested in what to carry for two weeks of hiking across the great country of Scotland, trying to anticipate every conceivable challenge, i’ve attached it here.

The only new addition not listed, is my tuxedo that I’ve packed on the off chance I should be invited to the royal wedding at the last moment. Hope springs eternal in a young man’s heart (mine, too).

Resolute. Resolved. Recumbent. And to quote Humphrey (a TGOCer for I believe 14 crossings) Yip, Yip.”

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