Hello, it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m at the airport waiting for a Delta flight to Chicago, then onward to London.

That’s me (on the left).

I don’t know about you, but I think airports are on the uptick. TSA is friendlier, people appear more relaxed and I seldom get strip searched anymore. Even when I ask for it they kindly say no.

One of the advantages of being an American Express member since 1979 (yes, I joined when I was six) is I get access to private clubs at airports. So, I find myself at MSP enjoying a free meal.

I’m certain they laugh at the thought of free and Amex in the same sentence. But there you go.

It’s aproaching time to board, more later from the Windy City.

Made it safely to O’Hare, through security. By-the-way, one of the benefits of wearing a sport coat and a real hat (me a pork pie) these days is everyone thinks you are flying —at the very least—business class. As I walk to security, there is one line with travelers lined up with chickens, farm tools and dreams of a better life and another with folks sporting fedoras and sport coats. “Sir, are you traveling business or first class?” “Yes, pretty lady, I am.” It was as easy as that. And she never once mentioned the small leghorn I was carrying, despite its squawking.

I am now ensconced in the Air France Club (although flying BA) It is jammed and like a holding pen for those longing for the days of travel luxury.

Waiter, please bring me shad roe

I’m not complaining, well not a lot. It is free. The tortellini is cold and the white wine is warm. Perhaps this is a new food trend I’m not aware of. If that is the case, then there are a ton of restaurants Ive been to in my life that are finally on the cutting edge of gastronomy.

A very cool thing about my flight is that I am on a maiden voyage for British Air’s first Airbus 380A flight from Chi Town to London Town. The 380A is the double decker plane that now holds more souls than Dante’s Inferno’s third circle of hell.

I believe that is all for now.

And a couple of disclaimers; first I do my best to spell check, make certain my sentences are correct and generally that I am coherent. So when you see the mistake, cut me some slack and attribute it to Spellcheck (which I believe is Dante’s 10th circle of hell). And if you are reading this on Facebook please follow on WordPress, where this is created.

Time for more cold tortellini and warm white wine. Yip Yip!

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