I’m Alive. Barely.

Saturday, Drumnadrochit

We’ll get to that, but first, Friday, kick-off day.

That’s me, beginning Day One.

I signed out of Strathcarron at 09:00 and fifteen minutes later started hicking up the trail with Russ (doing his 20th crossing, Herman (his fifth crossing I believe, Dutch) and Andy and his wife, Kate? (he doing his tenth crossing and she doing her eighth, from Birmingham, UK).

The path after a klick or two started going straight up. And continued that way for another five or six, then down hill into a bog and then a track to a bothy where we had lunch.

That’s the path, as wide as my shoes, and it’s up, up, up.

Along the way, William (7th crossing, from Barbados) caught up with us.

Typical breathtaking vista.

We hiked on a service road for a kilometer until it gave way to a rutted path and then a narrow path for another three or four klicks until it gave way to a bog and disappeared complete.

William, Andy, Kate taking a break, me as well but I’m taking the picture so you can’t see me, but trust me I am there (holding a camera).

I had hiked ahead of them and soon did not see them at all but assumed I would at Pait Lodge.

The bog was a challenge. Five to six kilometers of wetness, jumping dozens and dozens of water runoffs from the hills. I finally understand the phrase, “Don’t get bogged down.”

I kept the water to my right and after hours, made it to Pait Lodge.

Home sweet home

Stop by some time.

The weather for most of the day was sunny and then turned to clouds. Medium cool which is perfect for hiking but the wind was straight into us and had the power to push us back.

It drizzled lightly the last couple of hours, with only the need to put the rucksack cover on and a light rain jacket.

By the time I made camp, the rain came down and the wind picked up. I camped with Steven (Scot, 7th crossing) and Rob and Tilo (Dutch, first crossing).

While several other groups said they were camping at Pait Lodge, they never showed up. Only hope it worked out for them

The wind finally died down and the rain stopped mid-evening.

So, a quick health update. My feet are fine, any problems I mentioned before seem to have cleared up.Only real problem is I simply cannot eat. I choke down a bit while (whilst) walking but I don’t know if that is enough. Once I got to Pait Lodge I made some curry ramen. Ate it all and tossed it a minute later. And with all the hiking, regardless of the amount of water I drink, I never pee. Now sorry to share this with you but I have a theory: It is reported the masses in North Korea believe that Kim Jong Un does not need to go to the toilet. That he is so supreme, he simply burn’s it up. But, think about it. He might not need it go number two because he is heaving most of his food. And do you know why he doesn’t pee?Little Rocket Man is a hiker!It makes perfect sense. The People’s Republic of North Korea has beautiful mountains, great for hiking. And with thousands of people imprisoned for simply wanting a better life, he has the opportunity to have an unlimited workforce to create a wonderful array of hiking trails. So that’s it, I think The Great Leader is also A Great Hiker.I’m going to reach out and see if he would like to join TGOC. And I’ll pay the registration fee.More later, too exhausted to talk about today.Yip, yip.

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