It’s All Greek To Me.

And I don’t mean frat row. It is midterms week and I am doing my best to maintain the high level of academic excellence you so expect of me and still maintain my peripatitic pace of attending the most jiggy to-die-for parties, keggers and generating mayhem. I’m in college, living away from my parents and they don’t control me anymore! If I feel like having a malted milk at 10:30 in the morning, they can’t stop me! Naturally they’re both being dead does have something to do with my college independence.

My favorite is Xerxes. It’s between between Washburn and York Avenues. I’ve got this answer for sure.

Back to Greece, and I mean way back to Greece. My midterm is on Wednesday and above is a list of people, ideas, places, wars and eunuchs I need to be able to write about. As long as the list is, the test will be comprised of five or seven of them. In addition there will be two topics to write about. Don’t you think the professor might have willowed it down a tad or made it more relevant? For instance, no where on the list is gyros. Not a mention of retsina? Really?

With this programming, I prophesize either a Republican or a Democrat will win the next election. Yes, I have become an oracle, thus—again—tying two classes together, Ancient Greece and POL SCI.

Political Science is going well. Totally above my pay grade in intelligence but I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m starting to get my arms around the math program RStudio, which is really the hippest calculator program out there. Above is my programming and annotation for Problem Set 4. Please do not share with my fellow students, because I think it might be all incorrect.

Yours truly is ready to blow up in this class.

I am at a total loss in my Earth Science class. I am struggling with a B/B-. I study. I listen. Hell, I’m even living on earth, just to show you how committed I am to this class. Yet, still I struggle. I will keep you posted. FYI there is a 100% chance the earth will have a cataclymisc event in the next 10 million years that will WIPE US OUT! Think about that the next time you worry about coronavirus. Kind of puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

Why did Tubby Trump switch from wearing a red tie on Air Force 1 to a yellow tie meeting Modi? Conspiracy enthusiasts please step in.

Finally we have my history class, 3020: Rise of Hindu Nationalism. A brilliant class taught by a brilliant professor about less than brilliant people. The best I can say about the above photo is it takes a left cheek and a right cheek to make the perfect asshole.

John (on the right) and me at Stub & Herbs. If you don’t know Stub & Herbs, you didn’t go to the U of MN. Ski-U-Mah forever!

A tough week of classes, more reading than I can handle, tests, quizzes and naturally looking for the hippest parties to crash. What better way to finish the week than with a burger and a beer with John Larsen, a fellow History major and classmate, last semester, in my two history classes. John is brilliant, dedicated to the planet and a typical representative of the students who attend this great university and are going to save our planet regardless of the current state we are in. John’s focus for his history major was on food. He is on to his Masters on sustainability, helping farmers and being God damn cool.

more later. Yip, Yip.

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