School’s Out For The Summer.”

Thank you Alice Cooper, now go play some golf. 

I turned in my last assignment 30 minutes ago for Ancient Greece, finishing up the Spring semester. What a semester it has been, for all of us. At my age, I never thought I would be homeschooled. Home detention certainly; home eviction, homesickness, home invasion, home alone, home cooking were all on the horizon. But homeschooling not so much. But as Doris Day sang, Que Sera, Sera. 

Honk if you’re alumni.

If I can’t visit the campus for the forceable future, I decided to bring the campus here. I’ve had a sign commissioned for the front lawn and sent President Joan Gabel a bill for $37,000 along with a nice bunch of Spring ramps, which will make a delightful risotto. I haven’t heard back from her yet about the bill, but I have noticed my University email is acting a bit jiggy. 

I am waiting for my grades, although I have received my POL 3085, Quantitative Analysis in Political Science grade and eked by with a 97.73% and pretty happy with that. If you would like to see my final project you can do so at:

I will keep you posted on the remaining three.

Now Alice Cooper was not entirely true, for me school is not out for the summer. It, in fact, begins June 8 with summer semesters one and two. I’m only taking one class each term, but it’s five credits each and it’s Japanese. I petitioned the College of Liberal Arts to let me skip this requirement as I am too old and have no memory for anything. Unfortunately they didn’t see it that way and insisted at my age I should know that rules are not made to be broken. So I have decided on Japanese, I might as well go down in flames. 

“Excuse me, Sir, which is bigger, the student or the senior citizen discount?”

On the up side, I continue to receive solicitations to join a mired of scholastic leadership societies. I had no idea there were so many and so expensive. I anticipate they are looking for recruits to help them with all the misspellings in their letters. Today I received a few more along with one from AARP to join them. I am being worked from both ends.

More later, Yip, Yip.

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