What the well-healed student wears on their first day back to school.

A little wrinkled but that’s how the kids rewearing them, I’ve been told.

This is me on Day One, Day Two and pretty much every day. I don’t know how many returning students are channeling Hugh Hefner, but count me one of them. If pajamas 24/7 were good enough for Hugh, they are good enough for me. 

It is Week Two and while I know my way around my at-home campus, I’m still figuring out the online mechanical aspects of home-schooling.

An update on my attempt at Japanese this summer: I surrender. I made it through the first 15 week semester condensed into five weeks but simply couldn’t keep up with the second semester. I tried to honor my 14-year old self who always wanted to learn Japanese. I think it was a way to get closer to Bond, James Bond. It’s not going to happen. 

So I am entertaining my adult self who believes Portuguese is the most beautiful language on earth and am enrolled into PORT 1101. Obrigado! That is thank you (masculine form), which is right now the extent of my Portuguese.  

My other classes are:

AFRO 3301, The Music of Black Americans.

HIST 3468, Social Change in Modern China (1800s to 2010)

HIST 3547, The Ottoman Empire

I’m pretty psyched. It’s a great set of classes and looking forward to learning. The home-schooling is a drag. I miss walking across campus determined not to be late for the next class. I miss studying in Wilson on the 4thfloor. I miss just being in class talking to people 1/3 my age. It is what it is.

Oh, if by any chance you have back issues of Playboy, please send them my way. I need to do research on Hugh and how to master the laidback lifestyle. Plus I hear the articles (if you know what I mean) are pretty good. 

A tad brain dead right now. More later, Yip Yip.

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