“Porque estou saindo em um avião a jato…”

Two suits, three sports coats, seven pocket squares. I may as well be camping.

“‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane…” Thank you John Denver for the sentiment. But in my case, the next line, “Oh babe, I hate to go…” couldn’t be further from the truth. I am making good on my promise and flying out shortly to Lisbon to better my fluency in Portuguese. I arrive on Wednesday and my class starts on Thursday (quinta-feira), four hours a day, five days a week for the month of July. Merda!

Que forma de vida estranha; What a strange way of life.

There is a difference between Brazil and Portugal Portuguese, as depicted above from my U of MN textbook. However, Lisboa is anything but dark and brooding. And just to prove that, a great friend of mine who collects walking sticks (it’s an old white man thing) offered me this one, with a concealed 20-inch sword. After doing a bit of research I have decided not to bring it; just carrying it violates Portugal conceal and carry laws and could end up putting me in prison for several years. A great way to improve my Portuguese but at a very dear cost. Então não ‘brigado. So, no thank you.

What’s that officer? If this were Florida, it would be completely legal.

To my Blog followers totaling nearly 32,500 (give or take), much like my hikes across Scotland, these posts will be shorter and hopefully more frequent.

More later, yip yip.

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