Like a Chained dog.

London, Wednesday, 15:00

Not exactly. But I feel I’d like to be set free. My legs are Jonesing for a hike, ‘

Nick and Belinda have been great to see and stay with once more. Tuesday was a quite day of looking at maps and repacking the backpack.

I walked Pauli for a few miles.

Then it was out for dinner and after visiting four pubs finally settled on tapas in Farengdon. Apparently when in Rome, one easts Spanish.

Wednesday morning I decided to double check on trains into London and discovered there was a planned strike. Being stuck in Longcot would have thrown off my entire trip. So we left for Swindon late morning rather than late afternoon, to ensure I made it to London. And that I did.

In fact, the train was early and my car had a total of five other passengers.

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