Almost there.

Two days left. Maybe 30 miles. A pleasant walk from Dboyna to Banchory along back roads.

Not a lot to report. A cool overcast day, with plenty of sheep and cows for company. 

Really an uneventful walk, and I was happy for that. I arrived in Banchory and called at a B&B that was full and they suggested the Burnett Arms. An old hotel on the High Street. It worked for me.

Attached to it was a new restaurant called the Bus Stop which was an American Bistro and not that bad. Medium ribs (I was getting full of fish and chips and haggis). I did manage to find a dive bar across the street where the patrons were arguing about betting and odds. I absolutely could not understand every third word. To replicate the conversation, fill your mouth with marbles and spew out random constanants 10 or 20 at a time. There, you’ve got it.

To bed early taking care of an oncoming cold. 

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