Excuse me but this Blog is called Walking To Wellesley.

Hey, I’m done done yet. As far as I know there is no town in Scotland called Wellesley. But there is one in Massachusetts where I happen to know someone about to graduate from the school with the same name. 

As I have finished my momentous walk, my daughter is about to start on a new one of her own. 

The walk of life. 

She has been in school since she was three years old. Now, no more tests on the bell curve, dorm intrigue, or bad food (for the most part). She is walking the path of an adult, in a very adolescent world. It makes climbing the Corryairack Pass seem like a skip down a country lane. 

I thought I knew what the hike across Scotland was going to be. And it was. And it wasn’t. Much like the walk of life. 

Martha and I are very proud of Alta Lucia. And I know she will have a great life. And one of challenges. Like all of us.

The world is her oyster. I suggest she shuck a few.

Russ, yours truly and Mick, prior to me leaving for the train station.

Tomorrow, pictures of a great day.

One thought on “Excuse me but this Blog is called Walking To Wellesley.

  1. Hey, I took that picture! Did a good job I reckon. Read your account, very entertaining. Shame I didn’t get to meet you sooner. Next time eh ? Russ is a prince among men isn’t he ?


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