“I’ll never do that again.”

(Taynuilt, Friday, May 12)

Famous last words. That’s what i said to myself when i arrived in Montrose last year. Never again.

But God gives us this great ability that is so over looked. The ability to forget. We can forget 7th grade. We can forget that faux pas at dinner where knives were thrown. We can forget Trump is our president (well, that one not so much). 

Now any idiot can sign on for TGOC and muscle their way through it out of sheer determination and a kind smile. And then vow not to do it again. 

However, it takes a particular kind of imbecile to forget all that and re-up. Hello, nice to meet you. 

I was up at 07:30, breakfast in the hotel and on the road at 09:20 with a good-bye photo shot by John, the iron horse.

This is the route for today (19k 284m climb):

Walked through Oban and down a country road, towards Taynuilt. A gray day and mild temperature. The Brits call it a dull day. 

No worries, I’m going dead slow.

The trail meandered and for the last two or three I walked with Dennis, a 67 year old Brit from Devon who just got his masters in Positive Phsychology. It’s a fairly new filled of study and while he was getting his masters, his son was at Penn getting his in the same field.  They traded notes across the Atlantic and managed to make themselves look even more brilliant then they are, if that could be even possible. 

That’s Dennis while we had tea (okay, I had oranage juice and a beef and horseradish sandwich). 

Staying at the Taynuilt Hotel and being ably taken care of by David and Loren. Dinner in a bit with more later. 

But just this one thing, I thought it might be interesting to follow the course of my feet through this. So i did find this photo online that pretty much represents what my feet looked like yesterday:

And here they are today;

Now, let’s all go have dinner. I’m famished.

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