Taynuilt update

(Still Friday, May 12, Taynult)

Back from dinner and more than sated. First off, this is the ten room hotel I am staying at:

It’s owned by John McNulty, who is also the chef. In the front of the house is David Lapsley–the kindest man on earth–and the absolutely lovely Loren Findlay (but not for long, she is marrying David Lapsley soon, told you he was a great guy).

Most of the rooms are filled with TGOCrs. You can tell who they are because they are not wearing cotton and have tons of zippers. Wouldnt’ it be cool if we TGOCrs could all get together and perhaps perform music by zipping open and closed in synch! Imagine Ode To Spring, played by zipper. Or better, Rocket Man.

Any how, the first course was langoustines from the local waters. If you at all like seafood, this area of Scotland is God’s gift to you:

Second course has halibut with root vegetables in broth:

It was perfect.

It’s not going to get any better than this so it is up to bed to repack, chill, and watch the news about the deplorable condition in D.C. 

Tomorrow it is into the wilderness of Glen Kinglass, wild camping and out of touch for a few days. Anticipating no connection, so if you don’t hear from me, don’t think I am dead. Well, hope I’m not dead. 

I hope.

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