“Take me to the river, drop me in the water, take me to the river, dip in the water.”

Thank you David Byrne.

While I have been able to clean up fairly well, my actual hiking clothes are stiff enough to walk themselves. And when I wear them, even the mosquitos stay away. So there is an advantage to the hobo life.

I left Ballater on a 10:00 bus bound for Aboyne, to reconnect with my route.

Lovely old church and graveyard, along the Deeside Trail.

I am taking the Deeside Trail (thus the river reference above and any excuse to fit in Talking Heads), which will eventually take me all the way to Aberdeen.

It was a very dark day with ominous skies that thankfully only remained ominous, like a brooding Markle relative.

The River Dee.

I cannot get enough of this Gorse. It smells like a Pina Colada but with barbs that can tear your skin.

The trail was well marked and I arrived around 14:30 into Banchory, and got a room at the Burnett Hotel.

Had dinner with Rosie and Rich, and Jean and John. All multiple crossers.

That’s it. Wish I had more to say. But one day left and then back to reality.

Yip, yip.

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