Day one and I haven’t dropped out yet.

Mr. Sandberg goes to college

Here I am standing outside my house with my books and a juice box in my bag. Certainly, apprehensive about what the day will be like. Thankfully my hair is short so no one can dunk my braids in the ink wells. Remember it has been a while since I was in college. 

My bride kindly drove me to school the first day and I was off to An Introduction to Shakespeare,on the East Bank and a class of 40 or so fellow students. The instructor is brilliant, knows her field and I see nothing but a great experience ahead. 

Outside Coffman Union I introduced myself to as many kids as I could until the campus police asked me to disperse.

Mysteries of life answered.

75 minutes later it was out the door and a scramble over to the West Bank for Anthropology: Human Evolution. This class holds 350 students and has an equally gifted professor who entered the hall screeching like a monkey. He then asked us to repeat with him a monkey’s howl of greeting. Yes, on the very first day, my professor made a monkey out of us. 

As in all my classes the first day lectures were mostly about the syllabus, expectations, grading and so on. However, in Human Evolution, we were asked which came first; the chicken or the egg? The answer? The egg of course. It was a system (called gametes, eggs and sperm) created through evolution by natural selection millions of years before the modern chicken came along. 

I learned something! Tomorrow I hope it’s a solution for hair loss.

Another 75 minutes of class and it was off back to the book store on the East Bank to pick up a few more supplies and books. Coffman Student Union, was packed. The energy was high and so were a few students. 

Lunch consisted of a Subway Sandwich (highly underrated) and a couple of hours to study before my final class of the day, British History from the Seventeenth Century (40 students). This is going another great class. 

This campus is the cat’s meow. Uh, do students still say that?

A great day.

That really says it all. It was a truly great day. Home to homework. 

Tomorrow, more adventure. I’m going to try and park on campus.

More later. Yip Yip.

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