One week under my belt. 89 more to go.

This is not the complete stack of books for this semester. Yes there is more. So much more.

That is, until I graduate. On my first day of school, Martha asked me what I was looking forward to and I replied, graduation. I hope to go all the way.

But, man oh man, it’s going to be trudge. 

Thursday was the same class schedule as Tuesday; Shakespeare, Anthro, British Hist. I didn’t get lost once.

While I still have yet to find anything on what the U of MN is doing to combat Male Pattern Baldness (yours truly is the poster child) I did learn in Anthro that Steven Spielberg was way off calling his move, Jurassic Park. To be correct, it should have been called Cretaceous Park. I’ve been saying this for years; Spielberg will never amount to anything. 

I did find time to attend the Vikings home opener with my daughter. Vikings won over the Falcons, 28 – 6.

It is Sunday night and I am a tad brain dead. I’m trying to find my groove. The best way to take notes, for instance. And every professor has insisted that we write them rather than type them. Studies have shown that you retain better by writing than typing. Personally, I’m hoping they will allow me to use a stenograph machine. I don’t actually know how to use one, but I think I would look very smart. 

It isn’t just enough to read the assignments but to understand them. And even that’s not enough but to be able to totally own it. The very cool thing now is to be able to look up maps, images and phrases so easily. Who knew that Franz Joseph, the Emperor of Habsburg, was so damn good looking?

Even when preparing dinner, it’s study, study, study.

It’s been 40+ years since I was in school. For all practical purposes, I am a freshman. Learning how to take notes. How to opine in class. Thankfully, I don’t need a fake I.D. to buy beer. 

Yip Yip

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