It’s not called college for nothing.

The escalator in Coffman, on my way to buy a couple yellow underliners. Purple underliners are so yesterday.

What they should call it is hard work. but we all knew that. I am inundated in homework. inundated. and loving it. I basically sleep, go to class and study. there is little time to keep up a witty blog. not that this was at all witty.

I will need to keep this short but remember that Anthro quiz where I got two wrong? they corrected it to one wrong. I guess I got the Barbie question right. The rest of my quizzes I am proud to say I am at 100%. And my classmates are starting to accept me. At least they are no longer yelling out, “Here comes the old guy.”

Taking the bus (for free mind you) across from westbankto the east bank. again, the campus is beautiful.

Am I enjoying this? it is a HOOT! I am loving it. The classes, the dialogue and the students. I love the studying. I went into this treating it as a 9 to 5 job. Now I realize it is a 9 to 9 job. I don’t care, I am all in.

One comment, the students in my classes are wired. Literally. Not just the ubiquitous ear buds, but while they sit, they are all jiggling their legs. swinging their legs. vibrating their legs like they are generating energy. And flipping their hair. I’m trying to keep up by clearing my throat and occasionally yelling out, “You go girl.”

I did have a break this weekend.

I had two choices this weekend. Go to my college football team’s home game or go to my high schoo50thl reunion. tough choice but I ended up going to the class of 1969 Roosevelt High School reunion. It was a wonderful time to reconnect. Including with our classmate the ex-governor Minnesota. He did drop a bombshell on us that has to do with the upcoming presidential race and who might run. I am sworn to secrecy but that’s never stop me. He is going to run. You heard it hear first.

Yours truly with Jim Janos (now affectionally known as Jessie Ventura. We are so tight he didn’t hit me.

Time to go to bed. I promise to try and keep this up. But my vision is on learning, homework and finding a decent parking spot. But I do want to share this wonderful time.

I gotta tell you, if by anyway you can pull it off: Go back to school! It is a blast.

Yip Yip

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