End of week three. Not weak at all.

I know this looks pretty wild but trust me, people finally settled down to listen to this lecture on global warming and the Habsburg Empire’s observations. And the free coffee they offered? Don’t get me started!

Just slightly brain dead. Kicking butt on my quizzes and keeping up on my reading. Attended an extra credit lecture today on Global Warming History and a great deal of precedent was started in the 1850s in the Habsburg Empire, which we are studying now (in Eastern European History). Who knew that Franz Joseph, with those outrageous mutton chops was such a visionary?

The U of MN is a great place, with the exception of it being a Petri dish.

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving it here. With the possible exception that colds, flu, food poisoning and other diseases are passed around like business cards. Mind you I am the only one with a business card to hand out, but you get the idea. My business card is sort of like a mullet; business on one side, fun of the other. You decide.

Working all my peeps. Is it possible too have a three sided card? Must wait for a future class on quantum mechanics. Or perhaps an insightful dream.

But the fact remains, I was here only five days before I came down with a cold (this university gives you everything). And I am not the only one. My UK History professor started a class this week with, “Are happy with your cold?”

A funny thing.

It’s hard to see but there are boys and girls kicking a ball around. In the corners of the Mall there are others sitting on the grass reading books, texting, talking and dreaming of their future. I know those dreams will come true.

Over the last few years my friends near my age (think slightly after the Great War) would discuss where would we like to live when we retire. My answer was always in a college town. There would be great music, theater and excitement. I could audit classes and maybe even teach. And I would be surrounded by young people with all of that excitement. So here I am, surrounded by all of the above. And loving it.

God, at the end of the day, watches out for us.

And I hope that is true because I am going to need help at the end of the semester with Anthropology. Which leads me to this, instead of asking your date, “Hey do you wanna have sex?” Simply ask, “Hey do you wanna act like gametes?” It’s the same thing but you will sound so much more sophisticated and you might not have to buy dinner. Thinking of you.

More later. Yip Yip

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