I really miss you I really miss your mind…

Thank you , Lou Reed and John Cale.

Still totally digging going to school. Tons of homework but keeping up.

I would like to be more insightful but all my insightfulness is going towards trying to be brilliant with my comments in class. And it’s working. today for instance we were talking about Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Turkey. I wasn’t quite keeping up but when Turkey was mentioned I chimed in, “Be sure to baste it every 30 minutes and don’t forget to brine it first.” I think people really liked that because they were speechless. And don’t get me going on Greece and how to deglaze a pan.

A great game, we won. Best part, sitting next to my daughter.

I did take some time off on Sunday to attend the Vikings game with Vikings Fan Numero Uno, my daughter, Lucia.

The students are great. They travel around campus in the craziest ways: bicycles, unicycles, skateboards (both self-propelled and powered), single-wheeled-propulsion devices, scooters and skates, to name a few. and Lord in heaven, some of them even walk, although they are scoffed at.

Right now, I need to download 48 pages on Poland after WW1 and have it memorized by 11:15 tomorrow. maybe when I’ve read it I’ll know how many Poles it takes to graduate f rom college.

More later. Yip Yip

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