They don’t call it college for nothing.

Ain’t that the truth. it has been a week or two since I’ve posted. and not because I didn’t want to, but simply because I’ve not had the time. I am inundated with homework, papers to read and write, quizzes and of course, my own personal research into Male Pattern Baldness. Plus I do love spending time with my bride.

I am still having the time my life. Similar to the patient portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Little Shop of Horrors, who love’s to have his teeth pulled with no novocain. I’m thinking of making a sign and sitting outside of Wilson Library that says, “Will study for approval.”

To be fair to myself, I am nailing all my papers submitted and quizzes. with the exception of an Anthropology quiz this last week. It was due on Sunday and I simply did not do it. I forgot. Thought I had sent it in. And, thee quizzes are so simple to nail. but Mr. BMOC was too busy trying to have a life beyond campus, to look at his schedule. Somehow, for a moment, I put myself ahead of ski-u-mah.

But enough of that. An update: today I read 40 pages on Catholicism in 1885 England, s written by an ex Church of England Bishop who was looking for something way worse, and left the Church of England to become a Catholic Priest. And then to make that seem delightful, 50 pages on Theosophy, which includes the Kabbalah, Mysticism, Mesmerism, and if I read it correctly, a strange link to Mickey Mouse. But I was drifting, so don’t hold that to one true.

In my Eastern European history class, it truly started out as a meringue, with no clue who was what. In talking with a couple of my classmates, Zach, an ex marine, age 27 and here on the GI bill, along with John from northern Minnesota, we all agreed that, as we got into the class it came into more focus. What we once saw blind, we now see. Although through glasses pretty dark.

My Shakespeare introduction class is brilliant. I strongly suggest you all audit this class the first chance you get. It’s easy to say, “Oh yes, Bill was brilliant.” and then go on to another glass of chardonnay (if you are me). But, Lord in heaven, he truly was. If not for him, English would be english.

That is all for now. Researching a paper on Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the famous Scottish architect and reducing his body of work down to a chair he designed for a bedroom. Much like taking everything I have ever imagined in my life and reducing it down to the Summit Beer logo.

My goal moving on from tonight, is to post once a day. It may be short, it may be stupid, but it is my goal to achieve, at the end of the semester, nine followers. I know that is ambitious, but ambition is what college is all about.

Yip yip!

One thought on “They don’t call it college for nothing.

  1. Glad to get your update. Missed them. Makes Walking to Wellesley look like a walk in the park, huh Mr Yip?
    Im reading about Native Americans extraordinary struggle with alcohol and depression. Cheerful stuff.


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