Midterm Next Week in Anthropology. Pray for me.

And on top of that 100+ pages of reading in my two history classes over the weekend, also reading Much Ado About Nothing by Bill Shakespeare (I can call him Bill, we are friends now) and two papers.

One paper is to be on some aspect of the book, Under a Cruel Star by Heda Margolius Kovaly, who survived a concentration camp and then Communist Czechoslovakia. Hopefully my paper on Holocaust Denial will be well received (FYI, I’m against it). Six to eight pages, annotated and speled corectoly.

The next paper is on some “thing” that deserves a place in English history. So naturally I’m doing mine on the tall chair that Charles Renee Mackintosh created for the bedroom of a house he designed (The Hill House) in Scotland in 1903, predating Frank Lloyd Wright’s tall chair by five years (suck on that, Franky Boy).

As you can see,I have a full plate. But I’m not scared. Simply terrified.

More later, Yip Yip

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