Time to give thanks. And hopefully not study so much.

It is time for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. for the last 30 years, we have celebrated this great holiday (sorry Native Americans, who got fucked) with two other couples. Each year we switch houses and it ‘s a celebration that starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday. A hoot. A holler. A time of tradition, cooking and so much fun that it would certainly be against the law in Czechoslovak after the Prague Spring of 1968, but I degrees into one of my history classes. This year, by the laws of the gods, we are hosting two years in a row. Truly, 2019 is my year.

My every order at Al’s is two scrambled with smokey cheddar, well done rye and well done hash browns. try it, if you don’t like it, i’ll buy.

Last week I stopped by at one of the university’s most venerable breakfast spot, Al’s breakfast. this place use to be owned by the nephew of the original Al, and a brother of mine, Phil, when I was a Sigma Chi fraternity member. I have thought of returning to the macho house and reintroducing myself but I don’t think i can drink that much again. Which says a lot.

Classes are going well. Every week there are quizzes, tests and things to make me appear stupid. Thank you, they are working.

Doing some pretty cool stuff for my History 3152 unessay paper and as I get closer I will share. Just do not want it out there before my professor claims me as the next Samuel Taylor Coleridge, or Kayne West. Kayne is brilliant, right? I must say, I am not the only oldster attending college here, a very good friend is also attending to finish his degree in counseling, whom I will not name, but he does have a sandwich named after him at Whitey’s in the Nordeast, it’s a Ruben and his first name it Barry (figure it out).

Sir, may have the Barry Rubin? And kindly, may I add it to his bar tab?

That is about it for now. Yes, still brain dead and feeling like Hercules cleaning the Augean stables, which you can imagine is a terrible way to feel . But here is the brilliant thing going into the Thanksgiving; tomorrow is a SNOW DAY at school. classes cancelled! A school sleep in day for me for the first time in 50 years! it’s going to be awesome. First, after sleeping in, I’m going to have Martha make me hot chocolate and pancakes with strawberries for breakfast. Then, I’m giong to watch cartoons in my pajamas for HOURS AND HOURS!. then I’m gonna have my friendS come over and we are going to play Risk for ALL DAY LONG! Who thought college could be so cool?

More later. Yip Yip.

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