I don’t have time for this. But I always have time for you.

I am inundated with schoolwork. Have I said that before? Tomorrow I have Midterm 2 in Anthropology (please pray once again) and am cramming my head with useful bits of information. For instance, did you know all Neandertal (note the missing H, yes that is the correct spelling) wives were in fact named Betty or Wilma! I have a greater appreciation for my television watching habits when I was a youngster. Who knew I was getting a real education watching the Flintstones!

The third floor skyway between Blegen and Social Sciences.

Today I got together with my Shakespeare group—five of us—met at Walter Library to prepare our FINAL PROJECT. We are assigned the task of performing a scene, or writing a scene or at the very least creating a scene in the class that won’t get us arrested. We have decided to write a new final scene for The Taming of the Shrew. We are going to bring Sly Christopher back from the opening (he never shows up at the end) and make it all jiggy. I said, “Let’s make this all jiggy” to my teammates and they broke into laughter. so, yes, I am connecting. I think I am because they keep saying “OK Boomer.” Then they high-five each other. So yes, I’m down with these fine dudes.

I created a little video that will be the opening to our presentation, the end of the play TTOTS. TTOTS is the cool Shakespearean scholarly way to say The Taming of the Shrew, so next time you are at a cocktail party just drop that into a conversation and you will be feted with awe. Or, they might even say, “OK Boomer,” if you are lucky.

As I mentioned, I earned an 82 on my history paper and it still rankles me. With all I have to do, I took a couple hours and re-wrote it, based on my professor’s comments. I’m not looking to increase my grade on the paper, that door is closed. But I want to better understand the correct way to write a history paper. I hope to turn it in tomorrow with a nice bottle of Cutty Sark. I will post both papers later.

More later. Yip yip

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