A beautiful car with a flat tire.

I just got my UK History six-page paper back; the assignment was to extoll on any UK object that we liked and felt had place in history. Naturally, I chose the 1964 Jaguar XKE, convertible. It was a brilliant paper, full of the history of the car, how it was designed by an aerodynamicist, Malcom Sayer, how it went on to be the darling of swinging London in the 60s and how it looks like a giant penis driving down the freeway.

I got an 82. Next week I will be applying for a job at Applebee’s.

I talked with my professor and have learned from this. A history paper is not like writing for The New Yorker (sorry Adam Gropnik). All of my Chicago style annotations were correct but what I learned is I cannot use my typical light hearted, voice-of-reason, with a hint of we-are-in-this-together smari-ness writing style. I was ruminating on my grade to my daughter (a Wellesley grade) in a text, and she texted:” That’s not a bad grade!! And also that’s why you go to school to learn to write papers!!!” Out of the mouths of babes.

This is my take away; college is about learning alternatives. It’s about getting beyond your comfort zone. It is about learning other ways of doing things. So, alright then! I’m on board.

Today, at Wilson Library, studying for my next Anthropology Midterm

9:17, time to get back to studying for yet another Anthropology Midterm. More later. Yip Yip.

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