Day One and Done.

Yes, I am back in school, just finished day one.

The Spring Semester has begun and I am ready, or, nearly ready. To all of you who have wondered how children could lose things, forget things, look for necessary school supplies moments before the bus is ready to leave on the very first day of school, I can only say it’s a shared trait.

Thank you, I have it.

This semester I qualified for parking on campus in the lottery and won, which saves yours truly, money. Remember I still spend more on parking then I do for classes and books, but this helps. The U of MN sent me the parking pass card weeks ago and the morning of class beginning (today), I can not find it. It is certainly somewhere in my house, no doubt with my missing socks and permanent record. I sorted it out at school and spent $12.00 on a replacement card, along with a stern look from the woman working the desk who I believe was 19. She asked me, “Will you take better care of your things? You’re a big boy now and your parents are counting on you to behave and do well.” I did mutter something about them being dead for years but she turned a deaf ear to me.

Today was POL 3085, Quantitative Political Analysis, a course in just that. It will fulfill a math requirement and at the same time hopefully explain to me how Trump could have been elected. More later.

The next class was ESCI 1001, Earth and it Environment, which will be equally interesting. I’m planning on bringing my Earth Wind and Fire albums to class and see if the professor wants to get jiggy.

Tomorrow it is HIST 3052, Ancient Civilization: Greece and HIST 3020 Hands-On History, the study of the Hindu Nation.

All-in-all, not a bad schedule. Naturally on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be showing up in class in my pajamas.

I can hardly wait. Four classes, five days a week, 14 credits.

More later, Yip Yip.

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