Ooh la la

Made my way to the Air France Executive Lounge. Truth be told, not a lot of exeutives here. Just me and a guy in a red t-shirt drinking a Perrier. So not really certain if he is an executive. But because of the water, I suspect he might be French. This is me surreptitiously taking his photo:

The lounge is not bad, a tad plebibum and the Chardonnay is domestic. Merde

A nice selection of sandwiches and I settled on the Italian. An Italian. In the country of ground zero in culinary arts. They offer an Itlaian. 

As much as I love Chinese food, I hope I don’t find any in Scotland.

Shiah ShiAH. Now it’s off to the Swiss lounge. Which is an oxymoron, I think that’s all the Swiss do is lounge.


Houston, we have lift off

D-Day minus zero. After reading an article in the Star Tribune, last October, I am living it. Well, about to live it.

Ready to leave the house, bags packed.

Having flown from Minneaplis to Chicago to catch a flight to London, I had the great luck of getting upgraded to Business Class. I am here to testify to being engaging, charming and deferential. And  smarmy doesn’t hurt.

So this is the the British Air business class lounge at O’Hare:

And they serve a very nice sliced beef sandwich.

Also, if I might pint out, they pour a delicious Chardonney.

But as luck would have it—and thanks to Amex Platinum—I have access to Air France and Swiss Air business lounges. And four hours to kill. Let’s go search for the best amenities.

Bags packed. Beard trimmed. Teeth brushed.

Just hours away. Did my final parking and decided I really didn’t need the bug net, as stylish as it is.

Also, tossed a spare 1 0z. Toothpaste tube and a cleaning towel.

Naturally I am taking the Frank Lloyd Wright table lamp. Nothing brightens up a tent then a seven pound lamp.

Also rethinking how to navigate. I’m considering not bringing this:

My check lists have been checked. Next stop? The net stop.

When you’re hot, hot, hot

Time for one last hike before leaving Sunday for the UK. And what a great Spring day it wa. Actually greater than I thought. I did a 10 mile hike in Lebanon Park, an oasis in the middle of the Twin Cities.

But the oddest thing. I would walk a mile or two, and find myself getting dizzy (which is different than Ditzy, a normal state). I was carrying a light pack, finished up where I started and then check my mileage and the temperature.

92º !!! (Oh, did I mention 10 miles?)

In May. Before Mother’s Day.

My t-shirt which started out black, ended up speckled white.

I ended up back at my starting point by a lake, with people sunbathing and kids playing in the lake.

In May. Before Mother’s Day.

I topped off the day with three bean chili. Freeze-dried. The opposite of the day.

Next stop, the world club at MSP and free peanuts.

Fellow travelers

Just two short days away from leaving for the UK for the great TGOC. To while away the time Muffy and I went to the feel bad movie of the year, Dear President Obama, with Ross Feffercorn and chanteuse, Connie Evingson. 

It’s about fracking, the whole world going to hell in a hand basket and global warming in general. Oh, and that balding men should be jailed. Well, perhaps I made part of that up (global warming, yeah, right). 

Anyhow, while walking to the theater I ran into an old aquintance, Will Steger, they man who in 1988 did the longest unsupported dogsled expedition in history at the time. Needless to say, his trek next to mine is like comparing the Olive Garden Restaurant to real Italian food.
I am humbled. I am thankful. I am ready!

I’m in Luck. Literally.

It’s hard to imagine but I leave for The Great Outdoor Challenge in two weeks. So it was back to the Ice Age Trail for yet one more hike. What better place to enter my new favorite trail then Luck, Wisconsin? After all, I need all the luck I can get.

This section is a very pleasant part of the trail. The trail rolls up and down next to creeks and a couple lakes. I did meet a dog who was not happy to see me. It must have been a Republican. I could tell because it was barking at nothing.

Halfway through the hike, I took a respite on a comfortable rock in a clearing to check my map and double check where I was. Confirming my location, I put my map away and glanced to my left and the rock beside me. Here were my Homies, enjoying the sun.


I tried to say hello but I think it came out, “Jesus Christ in heaven, get the F waway from me.”

Gathering my senses, I headed down the trail and I gotta say for the next couple of miles there were more snakes than I have every seen, with the exception of dinner at Mannies.

I continued hiking two segments of the Ice Age Trail and after 13 miles ended up looking for a place to camp, but I couldn’t find a legal place. Now if you know me, it wasn’t finding something that was legal as much as finding something that was comfortable. I was about to hike in further when I got a text that an old friend was in town and wanted to know if I was available for dinner. Well, I will take any excuse to avoid freeze-dried three-bean chili and a 45º night of camping.

Deciding to meet my friend, I hitchhiked out (doing so for the first time in over 40 years). Five minutes later a guy named Randy from Luck Lumber picked me up. Before he let me in his pickup he made me promise him I wouldn’t murder him and of course I did (but I did leave the option open).

Back home and dinner at Nighthawks Diner with Berthiaume.
Oh, and Randy was in Luck, I didn’t kill him.

Adios Tumblr

Well I gave Tumblr my best shot, but it simply doesn’t work with an iPhone. There is no way to add photos and what’s the point of walking across a barren tundra if you can’t document it? So it is on to WordPress for me. WordPress completes me, which is rather sad. As I mention in the Why on Earth, the trip to Wellesley is to celebrate my daughter’s graduationn from there. Photo attached now (I hope, let’s see).

Great success. That’s her on the right, Muffy on the left. And I now have it figured out, sort of. Who says you can’t teach an old hiker new tricks!